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New Fat-Strat

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I'm a begginer looking for a Fat Strat guitar (H/S/S) style...I want one that will do really well for me, but wont cost much (something under $250). I was looking at some squiers, I already have one but its not like its not a fat strat, and its not one of the better squiers.....and also if anyone would have any good suggestions that would be helpful... :wink:

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You should check out a Squier '51 although they are only a single with a coil tapping humbucker. They run about $150 USD.

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Have a look at the Yamaha PAC112J, it's pretty much a copy of the fender and Yamaha is usually fairly good.

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Hey, I am playing a fat strat now. It sounds like you know what you want, but just to play D-advocate, Have you compared the Fat Strat to other guitars in your price range? i ask this cause, I kinda wish that I had. Just food for thought.

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There are some on eBay lately, listed as "Fender Starcaster." The auction that's now a little over a day away from closing is still under $50 including shipping, and they're offering a free Fender gig bag with purchase. 8)

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You might like to try

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