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Question about Strat's neck

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Hi guys!
I was playing a Standard MiM Stratocaster at a store a few days ago, and it felt like the neck was sort of shaped like a D. Is that normal for a standard?? Which type of Strats have more of a C-shaped neck??? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. :D (I almost have enough money for an electric, so now it's time to pick one out!!)


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Fender used the D shape on the original Strat, up to I think about 1959 or 60, when they began using the C shape. You're more likely to find the D-shape on, either, re-issue/vintage series Strats or signature models.
It could, of course, have also been the soft V that is found on the Clapton (and one or two other) signature Strats

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Here is a web page i used when shopping for mine with some cross-section pictures to see the differences


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Oh that helps twisted. Hmm, cept I think what I want is a small soft v, hmmmm.

I never could figure out Fender's descriptions.

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