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New Strat

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Wes Inman
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Out of curiosity, is there much of a noticeable difference between the highway one series and American standard?

The finish is the biggest difference, but there may be others. Many people prefer the Highway Ones over the Americans, they say they are not quite as twangy, more of a Rock tone. The Highway Ones are very popular with many players.

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thanks wes, I was just curious being a H1 HSS owner.

The Dali
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Wes - nice pickup man! Cool!

The major difference between the hwy 1 and standard is the finish, but also the 6-point versus 2-point tremolo.

-=- Steve

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Congrats Wes. :)

About a year ago I also found a similar deal. It was a used Standard American Tele in Sunburst with a rosewood neck for $650 in my local guitar shop. I didn't let it wait around for someone one else to buy it. I always wanted a Tele and that was the one. So I guess those deals are out there once in a while.

Enjoy the strat!

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Well both the guitars are very beautiful. I also want to buy the guitar. Please help me to purchase a new guitar.

Vic Lewis VL
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Congrats on a nice deal, Wes!

You must be getting close to Nick now - just how many guitars HAVE you got?

:D :D :D


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Congrats to both of you! :D

Wes, I can almost never find a deal on gear. Will you go shopping with me next time???????? :roll: Good for you!!!!!! That's quite a bargain. Enjoy! :D :D :D

Love and Peace or Else,

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Wow everyone is getting new guitars. Grats to you both.

Wes, pics!

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I must say Congrats
To two of GN's brats
New are the toys
For these two boys
Who now own Fender Strats



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Blue Jay
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Congrats Wes! A good deal is often deserved, and goes to a good person? :D

FWIW, I have the same git, 3 tone SB, RW board and the key thing being "American Standard", brought back recently from termination or replacement after 2000, not "New American" from 2001 forward.

Mine is just 20 years older, that's all. :lol: Your treasure will last you always if you treat her right, and I can see that you will. Play 'er in good health for the next 20 and beyond, and may you both become classics.:wink:

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Congrats Wes and Jase for your new guitars !

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