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Nylon or Steel string guitar

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If you are taking guitar lessons. Then can you please let me know what is the difference between steel string and nylon string guitars?

And which one you want to choose a nylon or steel string guitar

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It's very much a question of what you want your guitar to do.

If you're looking for versatility and a decent organic sound, and want to cover a wide range of styles, then go for steel strings.

If you've got smaller hands, or child learners, or just want something with a nice organic sound that's not going to rip your fingers to shreds for the first few months, then go for nylon.

Chords sound a bit empty on a nylon string guitar though because they're designed and built to play the melody with its own accompaniment.

People to watch on YouTube:

Steel strings - Andy McKee, especially the tune "Drifting"

Nylon strings - Pepe Romero - more or less anything, the man's a genius. Ditto David Russell. These guys are classical guitarists; the skillset makes rock guitarists look like amateurs.

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