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Oh MAN! i need some...
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Oh MAN! i need some advise please!!

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I think for my next talent show Ill wrestle a grizzly bear. People love grizzly bears.


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hahahaha i finally stopped laughing enuff i could type..that was great kido..grizzly the way what you said about talent and stuff was really cool thatks man....and ricochets response was touching as well..thanks alot guys

"im the one who has to die when its time for me to let me live my life, the way i want to.."-Jimi Hendrix-If 6 was 9

Paul Y Howdilly doodily neigborini!!

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Be sure to let us know how it goes!

"A cheerful heart is good medicine."

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I've always considerred Hendrix's version of The Anthem to be extremely patriotic in execution and intent. But patriotism is open to interpretation, so be aware that the judges or the audience may have different thoughts. If you play it, play it with pride.

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Definitely. While it caused lots of controversy, I myself think that Hendrix was a strong patriot. You don't become a paratrooper as protest against anything. Then again, these days patriotism means 'pro current government', and in that way hendrix could, espescially later in his life, be considered somewhat anti-patriotic ('machine gun', anyone?).

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In my opinion patriotism means for your country, not for your government. I am that way. I dont really like my government but I love my country.

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