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Old Gibson J45

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When in college (back in the 60's) in Montana, I saw an old J45 from a pawn shop. I sold my hunting rifle to buy it for $100.00.
It seemed old then. It traveled with me ever since, got a small crack in the back in Guatemala, and a chip in the headstock in China, but still is decent, though the neck needs resetting.

It has a faint J45 stamped in ink in the back and inside on the neck block, a unintelligible letter followed by 6209 33 The space before the 33 could have been a hyphen but looks like a space.

I can't post a foto now, but can anybody tell me how old this guitar is. There is no rod in the neck, it is solid wood.

thanks for any help.


PS Iam not a good player, just chord along mostly

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Here's a site that may help you find the year of manufacture from the serial number.

-- Rob

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check wikipedia.

the J45 was introduced in 1942. a no frill workhorse. solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides.
rounded shoulders and pearl dots on the neck.
they were painted sunburst or black to hide unattractive wood grains because of the lesser grade used.

they can be found at several online dealers because they still make them.
i couldn't find info re: the truss rod and when or if they have them now.

google Images shows all kinds of J45s. cool guitar.

gruhn is a very knowledgeable source of vintage guitars.
someone must have the link.

keep the guitar. it sounds like it has some mojo put on it.

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Thanks guys. Yes, I have had that guitar for 42 years now, 3 longer than my wife. They both show their age (me too) but I know I will keep the Gibson. Still haven't made up my mind on keeping the wife, but might extend the contract another year.