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Please listen to yo...
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Please listen to your heart..literally!

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Moderators: Please move to whatever section you deem fit. I just felt the need to get this out there.

I had experienced chest pains for years and was told that I was too young for heart trouble (early 30s when I first started complaining) and that the pain I described was not heart pain. Back in September of 2006 at age 48, a doctor finally listened to me and sent me to a great cardiologist. I had a heart catheter procedure done and as a result of what was found, I had two stents placed in an artery to my heart that was 90% blocked. There were two other arteries that were blocked as well, but my cardiologist decided to leave them for the time being and see if medication would help them stay open. This gave me what I thought was a new lease on life and I took up guitar as a result. I had recently started having the same old chest pains again and it was discovered that the blockages they didn't treat had indeed worsened and needed to be opened with stents as well. My cardiologist said that if I hadn't "listened" to my heart, that I could have been in deep trouble.

Now that I have a second new lease on life, I wonder if I can talk the wife into another guitar (LOL).

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