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Queen/Country Easy Solo

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It's been awhile since I listened to Queen who was one of my all time favorite bands back in the day but our drummer wanted to play a Queen song so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Well I happened to have a lesson the next day so I ended up learning Crazy little thing called Love. Now this wasn't one of my favorite Queen songs by any means but the song is pretty simple to play and the solo is simple too.

Brain May had that country rockabilly sound for the solo that he played with a Tele (which I read at first he refused to play with a Tele).

Anyway for some of you wanting to learn easy solo's this is one. There are some faster parts that aren't for a beginner beginner but if you've been playing for a bit it's not to bad.

Now that I have my Queen juices flowing I think I'll have to learn "Tie your mother down" and "Stone Cold Crazy"

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I haven't heard that song by them. I wonder if it is similar to the John Haitt song? same title.
we have a few Queen albums lying around at work. I gotta take a look see.

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I'll vouch for that solo. I learned the first part of the song just to practice the D, Dsus2 Dsus4 changes, but when I bothered to finish it, it ended up pretty sweet. :)

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Oh, that was always one of my favorite Queen songs, Freddy Mercury could do Elvis better than Elvis! :D

That is a great solo, it is classic 50's guitar with lots of double stops and heavy reverb.

Here is the original video on YouTube, still sounds great.

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I like playing that one too. Rhythm is pretty straightforward and it's a good solo, both fun to play and accessible for a new-ish guitar player. Really gets the juices flowing.