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I don't know how anyone would know the answer to this but ill ask anyway :? . In the first solo of Sanitarium by Metallica, Hammet gets this really clashy, grinding kinda sound on a couple of the notes. How does he get this effect? It isnt 2 notes clashing, i know that much (that wouldnt get the same kinda sound anyway)...Has anyone got any idea?

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When Metallica recorded their early albums, they did a lot of layering of guitars to fatten up the sound. A lot of guitar parts are multiple layers. That's why you can never really reproduce the sound you hear on your favorite CDs at home. For example Def Leparod not only layerd the chords, but they recored each individual note of the chord, equalized it, and then layered it. Another example is Motley Crue's Live Wire album. A lot of the super heavy kick butt guitar is really a hammond organ using distortion. I think the best way to reproduce the sound you are looking for is to set your amp on full distortion, and then kick on a distortion pedal set all the way up. Kid Rock's guitar player seems to do this. Also FYI Billy Gibbons from ZZTop chains 8 Boss distortion pedals together. Apparantly, 7 or 9 just won't do!!!!