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Spanish Guitar

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Hello to all members and moderators,
I'm interested in playing spanish/mexican songs (a sickness I got from watching the Robert Rodriguez movies) and I wonder if you know any good sites about it, or anywhere I could get tabs (with timing) or notes.


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I don't know any site, but I'll make a tab for Marleguena :D


the chord are E, A. Pretty fun to mix in strumming and picking

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Almost - the chords are E and Am.

Do a Goggle Search for Flamenco music - should find you plenty of sites with some easy tabs.


A :-)

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Mel Bay publishes a book of Mexican songs for guitar. Title is Music of Mexico for Acoustic Guitar - Volume 1, by Ruben Delgado. Publication number is MB94863BCD. It comes with a CD so you can hear what the songs should sound like. Book shows tablature under each staff of standard notation. MSRP is $19.95.

If you want to hear some Mexican pickin', listen to a recording by Antonio Bribiesca. He plays (played?) an interesting style, using a classical guitar. My favorite Mexican guitarist. His style uses a lot of thirds, with some vibrato and some reverb. Very pretty.

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maybe to get you started you could play with this

Am, E, E, Am

Dm, Am, E, Am

it sounds spanish to me.

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El Testamento De Amelia
Estudio En Mi Menor
La Llorona
Lagrima - Preludio
Preludio "Endecha"
La Paloma
Romance De Espana
Adelita (Mazurka)
Recuerdos De La Alhambra
Asturias - Leyenda


(Some guy in a festival tought me the starting to Malaguena, though he didn't finish teaching it to me. Now I know the name, maybe I can search for it online...)

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I don't know if this will be really helpful but this is one site that I use for flamenco. It has a lot of tabs if you scroll down and they are all in Tabledit but you can view and listen to them in tefview instead (the midi files on the page I believe were created by tabledit). Tefview is small and free .

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