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Teaching guitar

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I Advertise in the local paper. I cannot advertise in the music shops as they do their own teaching. I asked about teaching in one music shop, but the overheads(ie charge for the studio)were to high, so i have set up my own studio at home. To be honest with you, the best way to gain students is by word of mouth. In the UK, i started teaching at home, and was advertising in the local paper for around 6 months, after that i stopped advertising, I got into the schools through recomendation, and then into aduld education. withing 2 years i had 160 students on my books, and in 5 years i was employing a part time teacher to take up the exess, on the waiting list i had. I was working 10 hour days, and making a fortune. :D If you are a good teacher, then you will get all the business you can handle, but it won`t happen overnight. It will take a good couple of years before you are earning a living wage.
I have no formal teaching qualifications, but i did go back to college at the age of 40 and did a 3 year part time music course, to bring my theory up to scratch. I also learned a lot from the tutors on how to teach. I now have a 2 year teaching plan, based on my experiances as a teacher, which is adaptable to the tastes of the individual student. Plannin, and Preperation are 2 very important watchwords for succsessful teaching.

Good Luck.

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