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The pocket sized guitar

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I picked up the new Gameboy Ds game Jam Sessions, yesterday and it is the best game i have ever played. This game is a guitar simulator, you actually play real chords and use the stylus to strum on the touch screen. This game is nothing like Guitar Hero, you actually are playing the real chords.

Heres an overview:
You select up to 16 chords to use at a time(out of about 100 different chords), and select them by holding down the corresponding position on the directional pad(up,down, left, right and in btwn.) You use the L button to switch between your two chords sets of 8 chords each.

While holding down a chord, you use the stylus to strum on the touch screen, the harder you strum, the louder it is and vice versa.

You can add effects like distortion, flanger and chorus aswell.

The game has built in songs that you can play or play any song you know on a real guitar, or write your own song.

You can record about 3 minutes of your song and save it, it's nice if you come up with something and don't want to forget it.

If you have a gameboy, you should definately get Jam Sessions, you will love it.

Here's me showing how the game works:

Offical game site

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