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Tremolo picking

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Recommend locking up the wrist - I don't believe it - at least I want to see how far it is possible to go with wrist motion.

While I would call it a "locked" wrist, minimal wrist action with most of the motion coming from the elbow with a heavy guage pick is the way to go.

Gypsy jazz guys do this at increadible speeds, and they all do it the same way.

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^ Interesting :-?

OWA. If you play the piece your posted in 150bpm, each beat (and note) is a quarternote. If you play 16ths, you still play 150bpm, but you play 4 notes / beat. Hope that makes sense.

And - re. circle picking . I've been trying to do that once in a while with limited success - it feels efficient, but I have a hard time figuring out how to be able to play fast that way.

Thanks for all responses guys and gals


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