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Useful guitar videos

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i just got myself a few guitar videos and thought i'd share my opinions with y'all .

*) Rock Discipline ( by john petrucci ) . - this videos jus awesome and basically about developing the right technique using long practice sessions .. the end bit abt makin a song using chords was jus gr8 .

*) Pentatonic Hardcore ( by zak wylde ) - well in certain parts .. this guy looked drunk .. he showed a few pentatonic licks as expected but the icing was a vocal performance with a 12 string at the end ....

*) Hot licks by Yngwie malmsteen - well he needs to stick to just playin .. teachin aint his business .. as many hv commented after seeing the video .. he plays the lick fast and then says , " now i'll play iy slow " .. and then replays the lick at the same speed .. :shock:

hv u guys come across any intresting videos .. plz share !