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What Are Your Guitar Playing Goals?

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For me, my goals are as follows.

#1: Have Fun!
#2: Be able to sing and play a few dozen songs that I can do in front of people on a non-professional level.
#3: Be able to do some soulful solo stuff, but just for my self.

How far am I in my quest in the middle of my 14th month? Pretty decent. I can play a few dozen songs, I can even sing to a couple of them without getting tangeled up in the strings. I do a form of humming most of the time. I can do axemas carols in front of wifey-poo now. She still laughs when I miss a chord, but that's part of the fun.

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Good to hear that you enjoy doing what you can :) Feeling bad about all the stuff we don't know will never get us anywhere, I guess.

Currently my main goal, or perhaps desire, is to be able to do some more small gigs with the band. Playing Dylan maybe - yesterday we practiced a little on Oh Sister, Simple twist of fate, I'll be your baby tonight. So much fun, and I think it sounds ok sometimes too :)

The second one, and related, is to get really used to playing electric guitar. I still feel so much more comfortable playing acoustic. This autumn we have been playing mostly acoustic in prep of an upcoming "gig" (our grand leader turning 50 this weekend - no room for equipments at the party, so we 're playing Mother Nature's Son, Waterloo Sunset, Misty, In my life and A change is gonna come acoustic). Probably we'll be plugging in next year.

A third one just for the fun of it is to learn more bossanova - all these millons of chords in different variations - sounds incredibly cool once you get them rigth!


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i just want to be able to say that i can play the guitar. i know i'll never be amazing or anything but id like to be good enough at parties to just pick up the guitar and play a few songs well

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To have fun. Short and simple

Oh, and to work with disadvantaged animals and abandoned children, and to do good things for charity, and I'd make such a good Miss World yada yada yada

Sorry? Was that 'Pass me the chuck bucket' that I heard someone say?


A :-)

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Have fun and be able to play the chords to a few songs. Mostly just have fun tho. :)

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make a living

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Allow me to put music to my lyrics. And do it right!


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Another have fun here.

I also want to know more theory, learn more of my favorite songs the whole way through, and learn how to use recording equipment.

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I would love to be a full time musician.

I want to die with no hearing ability intact.

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1.) Started out wanting to play with my daughter...still haven't done that

2.) Learn play songs that I hear/heard on the radio

3.) Jam with friends

4.) Be able to improvise in pretty much any situation

5.) Play a real gig

I've always wanted to be able to 1-4 and never thought that I'd have any real interest in #5 but after playing a while and playing along to CD's in my room I've gotten alot bored with that and I really want to kick it up a notch.

I guess #5 may never happen but if I can do 3 & 4 I'll almost be happy.

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I would like to improve as a singer, player and performer.

Although my band is good and gets lots of compliments, I don't think we put on a great show. So I would like to develop some stage presence.

I never expect (or desire) to go beyond the local weekend gig scene, but regardless, I would like to put on the most entertaining and professional act possible.

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I want to learn more about country blues, collaborate with musicians around the world, and learn some banjo this year and incorporate it into the blues 8) also Improve my recording skills and play at some open mic nights--the dog

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also improve my playing and recording skills 8)


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1) Improve the number of ideas and licks I can draw upon for impov and writing (through much of my writing is by ear)

2) Nail modal playing after finding which modes I like playing other than Dorian.

2) Be able to play the arpeggio sequence from Jason Becker's 'Serrana' well (Can play it badly now) by this time next year. Though all the goals prior to this which have been so long term I have acheived in less than half the time and are simple as anything now, so finger crossed :D

EDIT: Oh and how can forget?! My biggest aim in fact is to continue my compoitions which I quite pleased with at the mo' - Having a loop station is great for composing!!

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1.To be able to improvise short solos that sound cool.
2. To play and sing tunes that are recognizable to any and all who will listen. ( Have a good chord base but need to get some guts to sing out loud with conviction...Start out Ok now but seem to fade off to near whispers as stress builds and concentration on playing wins out)
I am now in the process of buying a mike and mixer so that I can record myself with the idea of improving.
Maybe a resolution is in order.

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