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What Are Your Guitar Playing Goals?

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Oh yea, I forgot that I want to Improve my songwriting skills :D

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Quit my job and play/teach/repair/construct full time.

Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life...

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1-be able to play and sing my own songs how I want to. If I want to get a certain sound I want to be able to get it. Akin to this is my want to be in a decent band, even if we have no success.
2- have a great time (I've already achieved this.)
3-Entertain people
4-Never have to work a day in my life :o (Here's hoping)

Guitarin' isn't a job, so don't make it one.

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imporvise at will some day .....

lol it's still far away

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To score a supermodel. Oh, wait, um, I meant to learn as much theory as possible so that I can create my own songs that will stand out from the crowd.


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1) Like everyone else, I want to have some fun.

2) I'd also like to be able to say I play guitar, I guess that's ego but it's a cool skill to have.

3) I want to be able to jam with my friends and just play some of the songs we love

4) Get in a band some day

5) Even if it's just once, have the experience of being up on some sort of stage, in front of any audience and playing our songs for them

6) And have more fun!

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1- Have fun
2- Work out my techniques, improvising, theory and songwriting skills
3- Get a record deal with my band
4- Play lots of gig.
5- Release my own instrumental stuff


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"If it werent for the sex the drugs the money i wouldnt be in a rock and roll band...." ~Zoa (local Orlando Band)

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For me, my goals are as follows.

#1: Have Fun!
#2: Be able to sing and play a few dozen songs that I can do in front of people on a non-professional level.
#3: Be able to do some soulful solo stuff, but just for my self.

How far am I in my quest in the middle of my 14th month? Pretty decent. I can play a few dozen songs, I can even sing to a couple of them without getting tangeled up in the strings. I do a form of humming most of the time. I can do axemas carols in front of wifey-poo now. She still laughs when I miss a chord, but that's part of the fun.

I say, that this is very close to what I want to achive with my guitar playing.
I have been "playing" for approx. 2 years now.

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goals, well, to be able to play a cool solo without getting lost in the middle or sounding like a scale. and to be able to play with other people, a live gig would be cool too,

dreams, well it may sound corny but if anyone has seen the extended solo slash does on knocking on heavens door on the use you illusion 2 dvd, i wish i could do that, improvise and play like that. but that's the dream, my goals are scaled down from that right now


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