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What guitar amp should I get?

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I am not very good at guitar yet but I have made it a priority to first learn and then practice until I profect the music. I am getting better and went to the store and was short on time so I played the Fender deluxe 85 and didn't have time to mess around a lot to get the perfect tone but what I know is I love how smooth and clean it plays. I like this necause sometime i want to learn alt. rock and maybe some country songs. What is an amp that can really pick up a nice tone for the song "One" by Metallica. But still play something like Nickelbacks "Far Away" or Savin' Me". Also I like to play riffs such as "Sweet Child O Mine" and "Iron Man". Can the Fender Deluxe 85 do this? If it can I will buy the amp ($275). I play a offbrand of a Fender Strat. Thank you in advance :)