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Awesome Cheap-o Guitar

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Hey kidz.
I don't post too much anymore. I'm pretty busy with my business. But I got a new guitar... as usual. Actually, I got a free guitar while buying another guitar but you guys should know about it. I went to a guitar swap in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago and brought a few guitars to trade. I had a MIJ contemporary strat from '86. Awesome guitar but I have a boat load of strats and this one wasn't my cup of tea. I traded it for another old MIJ strat vintage reissue but the RI was a little off so I made him throw in two extra guitars to even out the trade value. One was a sigma martin acoustic I donated to the local school (because I'm a moron, and my wife is on the school board) and the other was a Made in China, Squier Affinity Duo Sonic. Not the new one from the vintage Vibe series the older one. Mine is black with a wht. guard. I finally pulled it out two nights ago. FFFFFing awesome guitar. Great player, sounds fantastic... great! I have had a vintage duo sonic and this is a better guitar, hands down. Solid alder body, almost a V neck, full size pots. So much fun. It sounds, and I'm not kidding, remarkably like my '61 maple neck telecaster in the mixed and bridge position. Anyway, they don't come up too often but if you see one on EBAY... buy it, they go about $125!!! so much fun. BTW I decided not to keep the strat but I am keeping the DUO and have just ordered vintage style tuners for it.

After thought.
What's cool about this guitar, I think, is that it is raw and bare bones exactly the way Leo Fender designed it. It's just a simple little student guitar and it has low low low action, short scale and simple electronics. Just perfect! Go buy one.

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I had never heard of that model, and had to look it up. Pretty cool. I realy like the more odd ball stuff. has a sound of its own.

Paul B

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Congrats! But... pics or guitar does not exist!

And, I know what you mean about those Contemporary Strats. That Kahler wannabe bridge is a deal-killer for me.

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Sounds awesome. thanks for the tip. I will definitely look into this.