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When did you start?

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It funny, I started playing proabaly 10 months ago and in that time I've become better the people I know who've been playing for 5 years. But guitars the best thing that ever happend to me, before that I had to much free time an actaully saved my money, now me and my band rock out an I have no money, and you can guess where all my money goes to :wink:

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I took lessons for six months or so when I was 12. I was still playing stuff like Camptown Races, when a good friend of mine also started playing and in a couple weeks he was playing Status Quo and Hendrix songs (I'm sure it wasn't that good but compared to what I could do...). I figured I was meant to be a listener and not a player so I quit and didn't pick it up again until a year ago. (30 years later). Though I was many times tempted to try again over the intervening years I never had the time. What really kicked me into it was seeing my seven year old son's incredible love for music and knowing that before long he'd be playing so I figured the time was right to try again. I've learned way more than I thought I would have in one year, though of course I still stink. But I think in a couple years I might be OK. I can't imagine ever NOT playing now.

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I started last year at age 43.

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Started late July this year, having just turned 26.


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