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Which Wah for "Full Sweep" sound?

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So, I recently purchased a Snarling Dogs Wonder Wah 2, & it sounded pretty good; I was happy with it when paired up w/ my Jackson DK2 Dinky. I tried using it with my Pedal Steel Guitar, & I noticed something different;

1) Unless I lower the gain output on the guitar itself, (the guitar has a gain pot on the output of the pickups) the sound will distort very easily when pressing the pedal to the treble position.

2) This pedal seems to be "Full Bass" for almost the whole travel, until you get to about 1/4" to the treble end of the travel; then it sweeps very quickly to treble.

Is this "normal"? I can't say I am happy with it working like this. It wasn't as noticeable when playing metal/rock w/ lots of overdrive, but in the clean steel guitar setting, it is not comfortable to play at all. What do you guys think? Would an original crybaby give a more even sweep throughout the entire range? Is there another pedal that you would recommend?

Thanks, katmetal :)