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ya ever hear of a l...
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ya ever hear of a lucero guitar

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i've been playing guitar for a while and i currently have an ibanez rg...
but i want a classical guitar...for some reason i feel like this will improve my fingerpicking and overall style but aside from that
i went to my guitar center and played this 99 buck lucero...never heard of it and when i just went to look it up all i get is some band from tennessee...
the guitar actually wasnt terrible, i mean it was pretty cool for a 99 bucks and i know with guitars you pay for what you get..
there were two..a black and a natural finish...the black finish saturated the wood a bit i think cos it sounded more flat and the tone wasnt as good but the natural was pretty decent...
so basically i was wondering if anybody had any experiences with these guitars and if anybody would recommend anything else
i dont want to spend more than 200
the other in my price range was a yamaha and a washburn and a carlo robelli...and i think that was about it
is this the type of guitar i should save for ..i mean will it make that much of a differance or nah??