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Acoustic is buzzing

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Well, its gotten humid out, to the point where I have stopped using the humidifier in my acoustic. I use it in the winter because its the only dry time of year here. Well I know that as wood absorbs moisture it swells. I'm guessing this is the cause of my newfound string buzz. Its on all the frets, and its not bad, but I recorded myself the other day and it really stands out on the recording. How do you adjust the action on an acoustic, to get it up a bit more. Do I have to bring it to the GC and have them do it? Is this buzz going to be an expensive fix?

P.S - Strings are still new, less than a month, so they are not the problem.

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Look up Nils and check his website. Here it is: Nils Casa de Setup

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Have you got an adjustable bridge, if so you could raise the action by carefully counting how many turns you make so it can be adjusted back later.

Does it have a truss rod, check if it's the neck by holding down a string at first and last fret, it should ALMOST touch the 12th fret, ie, should be SLIGHTLY concave.

It sounds as though the guitar has soaked up some moisture, so is effectively bigger, you could leave it in a warm room for a few days, but not close to a heat source!

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If it's an acoustic, try putting a shim under the bridge saddle as a temporary troubleshooting experiment, most guitar saddles are removable by just pulling straight up. Put a shim made of business card stock at the bottom slot and try it. your tone will suffer a little but if it works you can either make a more ridgid one from some thing harder or make a new taller saddle. My acoustic has the same problem and I actually have a winter saddle and a summer one.

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