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Amp Crackling

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem I am having. Have had an acoustic amp since Christmas and up until two weeks ago has been working fine. I noticed that once plugged into a guitar it begins crackling and sometime popping getting louder sometimes, and other times staying the same but still constant. I have tried different guitars withe the amp, different leads and used both input channels on the amp but they do not seem to be the problem! I'd really appreciate any ideas or help people would have about this!

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I had an old amp that developed a crackling. it could sit in the ON position and be quiet. once I plugged in and played the crackle appeared. I took it in and the collars where the tubes plug in showed corrosion. once replaced everything is great.
my advice is take it to a tech. the is a lot of electricity stored in there. it isn't safe to poke around.