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Beginner Brought Dodgy Guitar??

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I have just purchased my first guitar it is a secondhand squire telecaster  :) but when i connect it up to the amp sometimes the sounds stops coming through the speaker and i have to tap the guitar to start it again  ??? is this just a loose wire inside maybe or something more serious? also there is a three way switch is it normal  for no sound to come through to the amp at all in one position? Cheers People..

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Sounds like you have a couple of loose wires in there, you should get an output from all the positions.
You can find the wiring diagram for the telecaster here:
Wiring Diagrams from Everything Fender
If you have a soldiering iron you should be able to fix it yourself, or you could take it in to get it repaired somewhere.

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I would check all the wires and re-soldier if needed, also clean the selector switch or replace if needed.


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Happened to me once also. Mine was a loose wire. If you don't know what your doing, (like I don't!), I suggest taking it to a reputable guitar tech. It shouldn't cost you much. Being a new guitar, (for you anyways), you can also get it set up for how you like the string action and so on. Good luck with it.

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 sounds like a grounding problem. if you have never had and electric guitar open don't. but a good place to get instructions on how to do it yourself is . .   go to wiring 101 look for the diagram for telescaters. remember electicity can and will hurt you, :o
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The 3-position switch should work in all positions - it may be dirty or you may have a poor connection. The wire need not be completley disconnected for you to have problems - the solder joint could have split.

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::)Could also be a bad volume pot. I had this problem on a Schecter Omen 6 and it got pretty bad. I agree with the other posts if you're not confident with opening up the guitar to do the repairs yourself take it to a guitar tech.  8)