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Broken Crybaby Wah ...
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Broken Crybaby Wah :(

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Hi, I brought a used Wah Crybaby which worked fine for a few months. Now it does not work.

I beleive the power works fine. The guitar works with the wah plugged in but only when it's pressed off. Once I press the wah on I hear a background noise without the actuall tone from the guitar on it. It's like the guitar signal is totally cut off along with the pitch change when the pedal is on like its being blocked by something in the pedal. Rocking the pedal makes no change in sound at all.

Any ideas what this could be? I could get a replacement pot but I then will need a solder kit and stuff Sad


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Is the battery ok?

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what type of music do you play? i dont use wah i have all the effects i need on my amp, but thats beside the point......
but if the battery is low i would either get an adapter, or a new battery...

one thing i learned with pedals is that if you dont have an adapter the battery will loose energy quick.

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You have to unplug the cables from many pedals whenever you're not playing, to keep the battery from running down. The Crybaby is one of those.

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