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Cracked Gibson

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I have a Gibson J45 bought used and old when I was in university (am now 58) Back in 1969, a taxi driver put it on top in Guatemala, and closed the trunk before I could stop him. The case didn't hold up and a crack in the back was the result.

It is a lengthwise crack about 1/3 in from the body edge. A luthier in Chicago back in the mid 70's said to leave it because new wood would change the sound.

What say you "guitaristas"? Fix or forget. Got a new European and well known luthier down the block, should I request a refurbishment on this Gibson?

Thanks for any advice.


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Guy in my church band has an old Gibson with cracks and deteriorated binding. He found out that Gibson will repair/restore their own guitars, no matter how old. Give 'em a call:

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Several months ago I went to a jam session and met a fellow leftie that had a 1956 J45. His brother use to play it at different kitchen parties and, on one particularly cold winter night between throwing the guitar in the back of the truck and going into a warm house, it cracked in several places in the back. Not knowing much about the proper terminology of guitar repair, the best I can describe the repair is stitched or reinforced inside. He never replaced the entire back and you can see where the cracks were/are. The sound on the guitar was still incredible (if you like the Gibson sound which I do as I have one myself); can't say what it would have sounded like without the repair but to my ear it had a very good sound. I would trust the luthier's opinion.