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Damned rattles!.......
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Damned rattles!..........

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Put a new set of strings (D'Addario EXL 110's) on my fairly new XV-610 (sorry-no pics loaded yet-but it's this: ) and ended up with a "buzz", more like a rattle on the high E. So, I take a look at the neck-appears just a bit more of a bow-fairly sure the strings it came with were a lighter gauge. So I adjust the truss rod just "a hair" and take out some of the bow. Wasn't that! Frets all are good. Finally figured out what it was--damn tuner nuts were never tightened properly. Why it only was only buzzing on the high E on certain frets--guess I'll never know for sure, maybe that frequency resonated with the tuners--but tightening the tuner nuts has solved the problem. And the neck adjustment didn't hurt anything-plays real nice, no fret buzz at all. Probably needed it anyway, glad I know how to do them. Advice--if you haven't done a truss rod adjustment before--read up on it or work on a clunker--you can really foul a guitar up if you try too much at one time, or if you have to force it because it seems too tight, DON'T ever do that--leave it alone and take it to a pro-a little can do a lot!