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drying guitar wood?

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first off, i looked all over the site, found a few subjects that touched on it but its prob worth asking again

iv had my acoustic guitar (not cheap, very thin wood though, so its fragile) for about 3 years, and besides dusting it etc never done anything to it, the wood seems to have lost some of the gloss it once had (it was matt finish to begin with) so should i lightly oil it with something? not vegetable oil etc i know... but if you have to re condition a wood coffee table every few years surely you must need to do teh same for a guitar...

any help? thanks

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don't run off and do it because this is just what i heard, could be wrong. But apparently Lemon oil is really good for keeping the moisture in the wood, and does it the world of good. Like i said could be wrong.

Don't sweat it dude, just play!

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your guitar has a finish on it. it may be worn and needs refreshing. caution: lemon oil or any oil is not to be used.
the finish on an acoustic is usually a varnish type product. lacquer, polyurethane, etc. oil will not work.
try to find out what finish was used and use that to touch up or recoat.

my feelings are to leave it alone. any finish change through use is called patina or mojo.

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lemon oil in particular will just strip the rest of the varnish off, be very carefuly before doing anything.