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Fender Hot "Noiseless" BUZZ

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I had a dead quiet strat with Fender hot noiseless pups. I changed the pots to full size using Jeff Beck Wiring diagram.
I have followed it to a "T" and there is now this buzz that goes away when I touch the strings, bridge, tuners or bridge. The buzz is not a little buzz - pretty loud. Thinking I screwed something up, I bought a new switch and all new pots, new wire again - only to have the same issue. Same amp, outlet etc. The only thing I did not do is the ground to body cavity. But the previous setup did not have it and the cavity is not shielded.
I have been playing 20 years but I am a noob in wiring. HELP!!

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Sounds to me like you forgot to wire up the earth wire to the trem unit.

Could also be the earth wire to the jack socket that's not connected right.

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