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Fret divits.

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I have just noticed that the frest on my electric are starting to get worn down by the strings. Now this has me worried becuase I have had the guitar less than a year. I was wondering how bad they can get before I need to have the guitar refretted. Also is there anything I can do to slow the damage? The deepest the divits go is about a quater of a mm. Id like to add that this isnt a cheese cheap guitar either. I payed nearly 1500 usd for it and it sounds wonderful. Maybe the company just didnt use very high grade frets?

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As long as the strings are not buzzing and/or notes are not fretting out, you're okay. If only a few frets show wear, you can have those particular frets replaced. If the wear is fairly spread out over quite a number of frets, but is not too serious, then a leveling and re-crowning of the entire fingerboard (all frets) might be the thing. On modern guitars -- especially those with jumbo frets -- you can have have this done at least once. But, of course, the frets will be somewhat lower afterward. Eventually, every well-played and still good guitar will require a complete re-fret job -- but it's not the first thing done.

As far as speed of wear goes, there are many factors: fret alloy, type of strings, string gauge, style of playing (trem use, bending, tapping, fave location on the fretboard) and amount of play. Most guitar manufacturers use third-party fret wire -- Dunlop makes a lot this. I doubt if your guitar has anything particularly inferior. It all wears -- even the stainless steel frets on Parker's top of the line guitars wear.

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I have a few guitars that have some real flat spots and grooves from bending, even the fretboard shows major ware. They don't get play time anymore but they sure did in their time. Unless it becomes a problem sound wise or playing then do something or you have another guitar to play till you get it back. I have a Gibson in the shop now its been over two months.

If its still under warrenty take it back.