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Guitar Humbucker Help!!

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Hey guys, I want some serious help on getting my guitar humbuckers repaired. I have also given the pictures o that i can explain in all way.

Heres what happened? I Bought an Lespaul Sunburst Edition from a person, it was a second hand guitar but was untouched seemed to me. But it had couple of the problems here are those

1. The guitar made noise or the AMP did, i wasnt sure. Here it is what happens, it is like if i keep the guitar strings open the guitar gave frequency noise but if i hold the strings the noise stopped.

2. One of my tone wasnt working, but it was the main Cause.

So i finally decyded to open up the guitar and see whats problem.

I opened the first humbucker to check whether it has the prblem, the wiring was a bit loose so i thought that maybe this is main cause of the frequency noise but when i went to open the other humbucker ohmy.gif

It wasnt even attached to the wire dry.gif

And the wiring or the coiling of the humbucker is also i must say finished sad.gif

The coil has not outgoing or in coming wires

Herez my question and please give me the solution with pictures if possible

1. Should i rewind the wiring of the coil?
2. Or shall i get fixed it from a professional? I can do it myself so first ill prefer my self
3. Is that the main cause of the frequency noise and tone problem?

Please help me .... ill really appreciate and herez my email [email protected]

Best Regards
Talha DAr

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Unless those are original late-50s, early-60s pickups with some collectible value, I'd just buy new ones.

The noise sounds like the guitar may not be properly grounded; you could have wiring issues other than the pickups based on what has already been done.

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Im definate that the all cause is the pickups!!!! :x

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What brand Les Paul is this? The pups are not Gibson's, but appear to be cheap knock-offs. The pup selector switch is not standard LP either. If this is supposed to be a Gibson LP, I think someone swapped out the pups for cheaper ones. I would not bother rewinding that pup to repair it -- get a new one. If you wish to go budget, try for lots of options.

As for the "noise": Sounds like a grounding issue in the wiring. I'd clean up the pup and tone pot issues first, then chase this down. It may be as simple as the tailpiece grounding wire is broken.

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If you wish to go budget, try for lots of options.

Yes. GFS makes some mighty fine pickups that are in much nicer shape than the ones pictured here. I've got retrotron liverpools and couldn't be happier for the price.

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