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Guitar noise ('scus...
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Guitar noise ('scuse the pun)

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I took my guitar in a week ago for a setup, and only today noticed a bit of a funny noise: There is a bit of a rattling noise when I play the 4th string, fretted anywhere from the second to sixth fret. It only occurs on that string, at those frets, and only if I strum or pick hard enough. It's more of a rattle (clackclackclack) though, than a buzz (zzzzzz), if that makes any sense, and is any help

I've tried listening and looking for the source of the noise, and the best I can come up with is that that string is possible a little too low, and rattles against the other frets when I strum it. But I can't tell for certain if it's comming from the fret. Also, I'm not sure if the noise is new, or I just didn'ty notice it before.

(My guitar bridge is in two parts, and it seems as if the top half (for strings 4-6) is a little lower than the bottom half.)

Any tips for isolating the cause of the noise? It's driving me nuts.

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wow. that's a tough one. especially after your checking the usual areas; nut, bridge, saddle, action.

the string height at the bridge could be the problem or a saddle rattling. are they awry?

I'll be watching this post.

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Have you checked that the string is seated correctly at the bridge? It might be that there's a bit of string 'in' the bridge, if that makes sense. I'd loosen the string, pull the bridge pin, make sure the string is seated properly and put the pin back in.

I doubt its that but its worth a try, eh?

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Ruling out anything like the tuner, jacks, knobs, or bridge being loose it sounds to me like either the neck relief is to low or the string is siting low in the nut. It could also be the action (string height) also.

First fret the 4th String at the 1st and 14th frets (capo on the 1st makes that easier. Then check and see what the gap is between the bottom of the sting and the 6th or 7th fret. Should be about 10 thousandths. Maybe the thickness of a business card.

If that is OK then fret the 4th string lightly at the 3rd fret and see if there is a gap between the string and the 1st fret wire. If you tap on the string over the 1st fret wire you should hear it click.

Just for the heck of it check the action by not fretting anything and measure the gap between the strings and the 12th fret wire and let us know what it is on both the high and low E. If it is individual string height adjustments also check the other strings.

Either way I would take it back where the setup was done since they got something off a little.

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