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In the Market for a new guitar/pickups

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I am thinking about buying a MIM Standard Strat and upgrading the stock pickups to a set of EMG DG20s. I was wondering if this would give me a sound relative to Post-rock, pink floyd, etc. I'm looking for a pickup with long sustain but also noiseless. Also, any thoughts on the MIM strat would be appreciated.

PS I'm upgrading from a Squier strat that I was given in 2006.

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I have had very good luck with odd pickup combinations. If it's sustain you're looking for then the Sustainer would be a good choice, but it's a very "modern" tone. I actually got some Neovin "Noiesless" Tele pickups and put them in the neck and bridge on a Bullet Strat. That gave me a really great tone AND great sustain. I also switched the wiring to a master volume and tone coupled with a dual capacitor setup. All the information on this wiring/pickup combo is here: