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Why are electric guitar bodies laminated between the paint and body?

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I took a chunk out of my electric and instantly noticed a laminate material between the solid wood of the body and the painted finish on top?

The damage is no biggie, it's just a cheap Jackson JS20, but I was surprised to see the cardboard like material between the wood and the lacquered paint of the top.

Why is this, and if I wanted to make a clean repair, would I be able to?

See image here:

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This is a good question. It's rarely asked. The reason various materials are under paint is for a multitude of reasons. Some for tone, some for looks, but mostly, to even out the grain so that the paint can have a flawless finish. The best way to do a repair is with a technique known as "drop-fill". Here's a good post that can walk you through it a bit: