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Luthier Work Viable...
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Luthier Work Viable?

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Hello All,

I have for some time pondered going to learn the art of luthery. I have researched several schools and have a fairly decent background in wood working. I would like to mix several of the most enjoyable things I do, working with wood and playing guitar.
I have some concerns though. First and foremost, would I be able to make a living from this. The schools can range from 6 months to 3 years and cost 15K+, offering different levels of certification or degree.
I know repair and set-ups will bring in a few bucks, but what could one expect?

Anybody out there with some knowledge of this profession?

I am also concerned about supply. With the decrease in supply and the rocketing cost of wood, will it be just the bigger companies be able to afford the cost of building guitars?

Any thoughts?


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Please respond to this topic here.

Please don't post the same thread in multiple forums. Thanks.

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