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Hey gang,

Finally got GFS pickups installed in my Squier Strat, sounds pretty cool.
Now I am wondering what other mods I can do to this guitar to make it my own?
Are there any decals or stickers that are specifically for guitars or knobs I can change, etc?

What are some ideas?

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If you have a reasonable colour printer, you can buy water slide transfer sheets to make your own decals.

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I thought I replied to this, oh well! I installed a push/pull pot so I could get that Tele sound (Bridge and neck pick up).

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Cool, I was thinking of doing that mod, but I've already got a tele style guitar so I think it would be pointless. I actually installed two sets of GFS pickups (under $20 for a set of hot strat pickups and about $40 for a set of noiseless tele style pickups) I was incredibly impressed with the hot strat set, they are a little bit noisy (not much noisier than normal single coils though) but I don't think I did the best wiring job: I'll probably re-wire and shield them sometime in the future. I would recommend GFS pickups to anyone looking for a cheap but good upgrade.

The noiseless tele style pickups are O.K, I'm sure they are great pickups but I think I want something similar to what I put on the strat, oh well.


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With three single coils you can do the Brian May wiring:


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I've wanted to try doing a circuit similar to the brain may one but a little different:

- All three pickups have individual volume and tone knobs so I can blend sounds from all the pickups

- 3 series/parallel and 3 in-phase/out-of-phase switches

Would it be tough? Yes, but the amount of possible sounds out of the guitar would be crazy. I know that it's really overboard but as a technical guy I'd just like to experiment to see what kind of sounds I could get.