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Need info how to replace sel switch on GiB es135 semi no f holes

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Hi new to the forum. Have intermittent selector switch on a Gibson es 135 2002 semi hollow model, the ones without f holes. Great guitar. Very similar to es139 with no f holes. My problem is there's no access on back to get to the switch. On top the switch only has threaded nut holding it on, no plastic cover. So the hole has to be tiny. I don't see how it can come out the front. Not tried yet. Does anyone have experience with this on a semi with no f holes nor back access. Thanks. :?:

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I'd check under the pickguard. There has to be access somewhere. LMk what you find

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Without having seen it, chances are that you must remove the bridge pickup to access the wiring. Kinda cool guitar, reminds me of a byrdland with 335 construction details. Guitars of this design are a pain to work on. I highly suggest you tie string to all controls and jacks if they need to be removed so you can pull them back into place after repairs. Have LOTS of patience, you will need it and don't let anyone cut a hole in the back to get access. Gibson got them in there somehow, and they probabily were not installed in the top before gluing up. Lucille's (BB King model 345) also do not have f holes and the two I have worked on went in via the pickup cavaties. Also, I make up a template of the control locations with a piece of cardboard so my wire length on controls and switches is of the correct length and position. A little thought and planning goes a long way on working on these.

Aha, I think you have a studio version. Looking at it, if you cannot get to it via the back access plate due to the block running under the top, remove the neck pickup and take a look. Much easier than I thought but still not easy, Remove pickup. look around, if you see the wire going to the switch, tie a piece of string to it. tie another piece to the switch after removing the switch tip and push the switch into the guitar after removing the switch retainer nut. gently pull the wire out and fish the switch out and repair. Reverse operation to put everything back. Patience pays off.

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