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Old Guitar needs love

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Hi Folks,
My step-son has been given a second had guitar for a christmas gift. Its a carlton strat copy I think but its in a very bad way.

The neck of the guitar is covered in gunky sticky stuff, the body of the guitar is covered in badly painted white undercoat for some reason and the pickups are showing signs of rust!

I don't have any strings for it yet.. its been pretty busy lately so I dont know if it even works yet..

It would be great if we could bring this guitar back to its former glory. Any tips on how to start cleaning this up?


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Sounds like the two of you will have a fun project to work on together. To strip away the first layer of grime try a old tee shirt and maybe a little windex
or if it is really bad a bit of lighter fluid cuts about anything. There is a web site just for rebuilding and building guitars. I think it is called -project guitar-
can't remember for sure, google it, as I remember it was full of very useful information dealing with just what the two of you are about to undertake.
Hope that helps a little bit & Happy New Year