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One of my "dots" has lifted...

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On my *new* Epiphone acoustic, the 7th fret marker (dot) has lifted a bit. We have been having some humid weather here in the southeast, don't know if that had anything to do with it. At any rate, it does make it a bit difficult to play, as I keep running into that raised dot while fretting that area.

I have only had this guitar a couple of months. What would be the best way to address this?

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Since it's still new(ish) I'd talk to the place you bought it at and mention the words "warranty" and "fix" to them.

If it was an old friend, I'd consider lifting the dot off, cleaning up the dried glue from the hole, and re-gluing it myself. Or having a trusted luthier do it. Should be a fairly inexpensive job.

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Well, it was the "Stupid deal of the day" at Musicians Friend, so return for fix is out of the question. I would like to do it myself, since I am a do-it-yourself kind of guy. Just wondered if anyone here has encountered this type of thing & how you went about fixing it.

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I have in laid some dots before. never had to remove one.
not a difficult job; you sound up for it.
take some sticky tape and carefully burnish it onto the surface of the dot. then gently lift. the dot, if really loose, should come away with the tape. if not try using the tiniest pin and prise it out being careful not to dent- lever the fretboard wood.
as the above poster said...clean out all the dry glue. then add a drop od superglue and carefully push the dot back in.
try a dry fit first. that way you'll know if the glue or anything will be in the way to keep that dot too proud.
you'll need some tweasers to hold the dot and a toothpick to assist in aligning and pushing.
when I put dots on fretboards I make a smaller and slightly deeper hole within the larger hole. that little extra hole acts like a well to take on any extra glue. you don't want glue to squish out around the outside of the dot. very messy on the fretboard.
it does not take much glue.

humidity and lack of humidity causes our guitars to move. those inexpensive guitars don't hold up well. hence the dot lifting.
I had one that did the opposite. it recessed. I could never get it out. it was an Epiphone Special. piece of junk. nice wood. lousy parts.