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I have recently upgraded my pups on my kramer focus 6000. It has 2 single coils and 1 humbucker at the bridge. I have the Vintage rails at the neck, the SSL-1 in the middle and a horrible sounded Dimarzio Tone Zone at the bridge. Couple of questions:

1- Wiring for the Vintage Rail SVR-1. What wires get soldered together?? Which one is the hot??. The focus have 3 mini-toggle switches, the pup is either on or off.

2- Height recommendation for each pickup?? How high from the strings???

3- Need replacement for the Tone Zone. It sounds muddy as hell and uninspiring. Could anyone recommend a duncan. I play mainly blues, classic rock, not too much heavy metal. Custom Custom or Pearly Gates??? Looking for a warm buttery tone. With good low end, mid-range, clear highs. If I bring the Tone Zone closer to the strings will this help with tone.

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I like the Seymour Duncan Antiquity series pickups. perfect for vintage blues and the early tele sound.

as for wiring, I suggest searching the manufacturers web site for a schematic.

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Do you have 500k pots in your guitar? Also what type of amp are you using? I've heard many sound clips of the Tone Zone and have never heard it sound muddy when paired with a high-gain amp.

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