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Please help me pick a strobe tuner

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Hello, this name is Bryant from North Carolina. I want to set the intonation on my guitar. All I have is a chromatic tuner that just isn't cutting it for the intonation task. I mean I'm getting no where with it. I really don't have much money to spend on a strobe tuner because I was laid off from my job recently and I can't draw unemployment. Could someone recommend a inexpensive strobe tuner that will do the job for me. How does a strobe tuner differ from a regular chromatic? Are they that sensitive? Thank you in advance if you can help me.

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Hi, see this topic from last year, it's about general tuners rather than stroboscopic specifically, though it does mention stroboscopic ones.

If you want hardware then the cheapest is probably the Peterson stroboclip (discussed in that thread, people seem quite happy with it), but an alternative is a stroboscopic tuner for your computer (or an app for a smartphone if you have one), which only requires that you have some method for plugging your guitar into it. Peterson do an iPhone app and Mac/Windows software, however there are definitely others.

Don't know why I thought that thread was from last year, it's from the start of this one.