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Putting a passive a...
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Putting a passive amp jack on a resonator?

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Sorry. Can't answer your question. However, I just want to make sure we get to hear some of that when you get it done. :D :D :D

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(Purely observational, not meant to offend) Based on your questions and comments about guitars and playing: Yes, have it done -- especially if you really mean installation of a jack and a pickup.

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Ok I would like to know if I should just have a my music store owner put in the jack himself since I'm still new to guitar maintenance?

That's a decision you're going to have to make. Did you read over the installation instructions? There seem to be three things you'll need to be able to do and feel comfortable with: 1) disassembling your tricone (and reassembling it afterwards); 2) drilling a hole to let a wire pass through; 3) a small amount of soldering to connect the pickup to the output jack.

If you don't feel comfortable with all of those then get it done by a guitar teck/luthier. Maybe if you ask nice they'll let you watch?

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