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Repair question

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So the other day, while playing, one of the long screws that attaches to the saddles on my P-bass fell out. I was able to find it and the spring, but I don't know how far into the saddle to screw it or how to check if i did it right.

Any advice?

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Aside from holding the saddle in place, that's also the screw you use to adjust intonation by moving the saddle forward or backward. So, the right amount to screw it in is the amount that gets the string properly intonated. I'd start by setting the saddle roughly in line with the others, then adjust from there.

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the note of that string should read on the tuner the same as open and when fretted at fret twelve. the saddle is moved forward or backward (using that screw) to make the note on the string sharp or flat or in tune.