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Replacing Pickups on LP without back/front plates.

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This is my first post here but I'm hoping I can get some help replacing pickups.
I picked up this cheap guitar to be my project guitar so I can learn how to set up and repair guitars. The first thing I want to learn how to do is replace pickups.
Here is a link to a picture of the guitar:
I starting taking things apart and realized there is no back plate to access the electronics, no front plate either. The only access is through the pickup cavity or volume/tone knob holes.
Does anyone have an idea as to how I can replace these pickups?

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I can't see your pic but I'm assuming you have a hollow body. It's a matter of making most of the connections outside the guitar and careless cramming them back in there when your done like the original factory worker did. It's more planning ahead than skill. Good luck. The good news is, just about every other electrical job will be easy after this.

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Fish wire is your friend!!! Attach a piece of wire to each of the pots shaft, and that will allow you to pull them back into place after its all wired. Different color wire will help ID what pot is what outside the body. pull them out, Replace, parts, and or wire, then pull the pots back in place with the fish wire. Good luck. Its a pretty cool looking guitar!

Paul B