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A cover I made - Ca...
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A cover I made - Carry on Wayward Son

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Hey guys. I've been playing piano for 10 years and guitar for about 2 and a half (I'm 14 now) and I just in the past few days made my first "cover video" of one of my favorite classics. I'm not really posting this link here to show off, obviously this is a website full of guitarists a lot more skilled than me, but I'd really appreciate feedback on what I need to improve on in terms of technique and such. The only thing I can think of is the lack of awesome vibrato that's used in the original, but I'm sure there are other things too that I could work on. Here's the link:

Posted : 17/08/2010 1:58 am
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That's just a fantastic job all around, well done. Great choice of song too. Your hands are flexible and you have the feel.

I'm a self-taught hacker so don't critique much, but your arpeggiating technique was right on! The down strokes and then the up stroke, often in 3's and 4's are efficient & correct, right where they should be all the time. Jeez that was good! 8)

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Posted : 17/08/2010 9:29 pm
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Surely you could improve the vibrato and some bendings at the the end but to me they sound really good. Many congrats!

The piano sounds awesome and the guitars, too. Really good cover. When I read the post I didn't thought I went to see that.

Keep playing and uploading videos!

Posted : 30/08/2010 10:12 am
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Very good, the same to me, I didn't expected to see that good, and this is one of my Kansas' favorites. Your video skills are good, (we have the same style, hahaha). Try to "feel" a little more what you are doing with the gtr, that's the trick with the gtr, the vibrato and groove will come in a natural way, don't be shy, maybe in this one for being your first video you are a little afraid or worried (that affects in several ways your performance), enjoy while playing, belive me, people will feel it!
Very good work! :D

Posted : 02/09/2010 3:01 pm
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I'm pretty sure this rules!

Posted : 15/09/2010 8:31 pm