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[Bosch Racing] The CharvBlues experiment

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Forget about "The Extreme Guitarshop Sweep Picking Lick", it's time for a tune with real feeling:

The CharvBlues

CharvBlues is a riff I composed recently and I hope to turn it into a full song sometime.

Recorded with my Charvel San Dimas IV 1995, Tube Works MosValve MV962 en Rocktron Chameleon + Shure SM57.

All replies welcome.



Bosch Racing

Posted : 27/05/2007 4:53 pm
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nice tone. I like your work above the 12th fret.

Posted : 27/05/2007 6:30 pm
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Lip smacking finger licking beautiful, the playings not bad either LOLO Just a joke my friend absolutely magic, love the tone and some fine licks.



Those who can't dance always blame the band.

Posted : 29/05/2007 9:09 pm
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Great stuff as usual. Love the bass doubling the guitar. I was hoping it would be longer though.

Posted : 29/05/2007 11:34 pm
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Oh Yeah 8) 8) 8)I hope you develop this! its very good :D Thanks

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Posted : 29/05/2007 11:57 pm
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Nice playing. Wish it was longer! :D :wink:


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Posted : 30/05/2007 1:56 am
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Thanx guys!!!!
Will work it our :D

Bosch Racing

Posted : 31/05/2007 9:58 pm