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Grandma's Hands, by...
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Grandma's Hands, by Bill Withers 1971

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"Grandma's Hands" is a song written by Bill Withers about his grandmother. It was included on his first album Just as I Am (1971), and was released as a single.

Withers' maternal grandfather, Gracchus Monroe Galloway (1855–1937), had been born into slavery. In his youth, Withers attended church with his maternal grandmother, Lula (1868–1953), where she would sing and clap along with the hymns. He later said: "It was spontaneous singing, there was nothing programmed. People got up and sang and everybody would join in. It was my favorite kind of singing.

Dedicated to all grandmothers, and for all of us who remember our "Lola".
We love you and always honor your name and remembrance!

Posted : 28/10/2022 2:43 pm
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Love Bill Withers music. This sounds great.

I only wish we could see what both your hands are playing.

"Just as I Am" is a great soul record produced by Booker T. Jones. Bill Withers plays acoustic guitar on a lot of songs and created a unique kind of folk infused soul music. And this song does make one think of their ancestors.

Thank you for sharing.

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Posted : 28/10/2022 7:51 pm