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On And On, by Steph...
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On And On, by Stephen Bishop 1977

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"On and On" is a song by American singer-songwriter Stephen Bishop. The song, from his debut album Careless, became a major hit, released on May 1977.

This song is dedicated to all lost and heart-broken peoples of our world!!!
Hope, Peace and Love is my wish to all!!!

Feedback is much appreciated.

Posted : 23/10/2022 6:42 pm
Paul Hackett reacted
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Sounds good as always, Rene.

I recognize the name Stephen Bishop but can't say I've heard this song before. You're getting into some deep cuts now. I'll have to listen to more easy listening on the yacht rock station with my old man. Not often, but sometimes my dad knows something like this that I've never heard.

Rene, you should seriously be giving lessons. Especially in how to sing and play at the same time. You make it look so easy. Your videos are inspirational.


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Posted : 23/10/2022 9:27 pm