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Hello again

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Appologies for my abesence.

Been busy with a few web projects and other life hurdles, but I was able to pick up some recording gear and wanted to share my newest song with you guys.

It's called Big Cities Little Towns.

Hope all is well here.


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Posted : 25/06/2006 4:12 pm
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Nice song. Too bad you don't like Wal-Mart though! :lol:
(I'm getting a "Super Wal-Mart" a mile up the road from me! Yippie! :lol: )


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Posted : 26/06/2006 3:16 pm
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Walmart is evil, our local one is going to destroy some wetlands in order to upgrade.

No-one seems to care except for people who love ducks and the local buisness owners who are going to be out of buisness.

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Posted : 26/06/2006 3:49 pm
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Nice bit of songwriting. The recording sounds really heavy in low mids between 250-500hz. The guitar sounds great. Just a bit of subtractive eq could really help. The song is great. Reminds me of James Taylor. Love your playing style. Nice. People need to get back to basics. There's too much electronics in music these days.

Posted : 29/06/2006 6:32 am
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This is very good ...

Love the strong voice ..

Just side tracking here for a minute ..

How many farmer Johnsons' are there in different songs ?

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Posted : 29/06/2006 6:52 am
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I had a listen, sounded great liked the little bridge strum (or what ever you did) but I still think i'll go to walmart if the price is right :lol:

Posted : 29/06/2006 6:59 am