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frens, i like fast soloing and i do anything for it, i go crazy playing and hearing fast solos
most of my frens dont like my fastsoloslike this
i need goooood sugestions what should i do to improve? -waiting your answer

Posted : 25/03/2007 7:19 am
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Study the lessons on this site and practice lots. There is no shortcut.

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Posted : 25/03/2007 10:22 am
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Lot's of speed going on but, is it just me or is your guitar out of tune? You're harmonies are also out of tune. I don't know if that's because of the guitar or because you're not quite nailing the harmony.

Personally, I think you should slow down. Speed is great and all but if you have no direction it's like having a Lamborghini without a steering wheel. Not much fun. You seem to have the speed picking thing down but your not playing as clean as I think you'd like.

Try playing some slower tunes just to get a grip on a sense of melody and harmony. Listen to something other than Neo Classical Metal. Try out some Allan Holdsworth. There's some Harmony theory that'll fry your brain trying to figure it out. Other fast players to think about: Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Frank Gambale.
Now Frank Gambale. There's the guy who nailed the coffin shut on sweep picking. It may be hard to listen to but have a listen to any of the Chick Corea Electric Band albums or better yet get a DVD of theirs and watch Gambale play. The man is insanely fast but with a purpose.

Another guy you might not think of is George Benson. He wouldn't be the first person, you'd think of for speed but some of his licks: if you blink you'll miss them.

Go to Youtube and search Joscho Stephane. This guy can shred! Yeah it's not metal. It's Gypsy Jazz but it is also without a doubt shred of the finest degree. Not to mention, speed beyond most metal heads.

Yup. Variety is the spice of life. And, let's face it hot food is great but a triple fire alarm chile made with cow dung is still gonna taste like sh....poo poo.

Posted : 27/03/2007 5:34 am